Moffitt Cancer Center Executive Leadership


Thomas Sellers, PhD, MPH

Center Director and Executive Vice President

Dr. Thomas Sellers is center director of Moffitt Cancer Center and executive vice president. Dr. Sellers research program seeks to integrate a basic science background in nutrition and genetics with observational research methods to try to understand questions such as, why do less than 20 percent of cigarette smokers develop lung cancer and why is a proven effective cancer treatment beneficial to only a subset of patients? His studies are based on genetic analysis of germline DNA and the increasing incorporation of acquired (somatic) events. 

The primary focus of his research is ovarian cancer, which is a devastating disease with no clear warning signs and high mortality rates. Dr. Sellers also has active collaborations that involve cancers of the breast, lung and prostate. The underlying theme is identifying inter-individual differences in cancer susceptibility and using that to inform approaches to cancer prevention, early detection and precision medicine to enhance outcomes after diagnosis.

Critical to the success of this effort is team science, necessitating collaborations with geneticists, pathologists, biostatisticians, biomedical informaticists and clinicians. The Moffitt environment enables that to happen naturally.

Dr. Sellers earned his Master of Public Health from Tulane Universitys School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine and his Ph.D. in Epidemiology from Tulane. He was a postdoctoral fellow in genetic epidemiology at Louisiana State University Medical Center.)

Titles: Center Director;Executive Vice President 
Faculty Rank: Senior Member 
Research Appointments: Cancer Epidemiology 
Academic Appointment: Department Cancer Epidemiology
Other Appointments: University of South Florida ProfessorCollege of Medicine, Department of Oncologic Sciences 
Education & Training:
Postdoctoral Fellow, Louisiana State University Medical Center, 1989 - Genetic Epidemiology
PhD, Tulane University, 1988 - Epidemiology
MPH, Tulane University, School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, 1984 - Epidemiology
BS, University of California at Davis, 1982 - Community Nutrition