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Moffitt Cancer Center is partnering with Imerman Angels in order to provide one-to-one emotional support for our patients and family members. Imerman Angels is an international program matching people affected by cancer. Mentor Angels are matched by similar age, gender and cancer experience. This provides both patients and loved ones the chance to connect and receive support from a peer who has been there before.

Imerman provides screening and training for all peer mentors and will try to match them with Moffitt patients and loved ones first. If there is not another Moffitt patient/loved one with the same diagnosis, etc. they will be matched with someone at another cancer center. Contacts are made via phone, email or possibly in person.

It works in three easy steps:

1) Register online at or call (877) 274-5529.

2) Speak briefly with a cancer support specialist at Imerman Angels to complete your profile.

3) If you are a mentor, you will be given a peer to call and if you are a mentee just wait to be contacted.

Please call Outpatient Thoracic Clinic Social Workers Holly Wilson LCSW at 813-745-3124 or Briana Joyce at 813-745-6558 if you have any questions about resources for support.