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A lymph node dissection may be recommended as a treatment option for an ovarian cancer patient. Women in Kissimmee, Florida, who are considering this surgery are welcome to visit Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa to receive world-renowned treatment and supportive care. Each ovarian cancer patient who turns to Moffitt for treatment can count on a collaborative, multispecialty team of experts to examine her case. This team, or tumor board, will consist of surgeons, radiologists, pathologists, gynecological oncologists, reproductive endocrinologists, nurses and other supportive care specialists. Together, the members of this collaborative group will create an individualized treatment plan, which may include a lymph node dissection, other type of surgery, chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy, to address cancerous cells. 

All of these ovarian cancer treatments are available at Moffitt in one convenient location, so our patients can avoid having to obtain referrals and travel across town to visit multiple medical centers. In addition, patients who come to Moffitt for lymph node dissection procedures or other ovarian cancer treatments will find that: 

  • Our fellowship-trained surgeons are experts in their respective fields and exclusively perform surgeries for the conditions they specialize in.
  • As the third-largest cancer center in the nation based on patient volume, Moffitt has surgeons who perform high numbers of ovarian cancer surgeries and therefore offer unparalleled expertise that can provide our patients with better outcomes.
  • We offer comprehensive treatment and supportive care, and we have a 95 percent satisfaction rating among our patients.

 For the convenience of ovarian cancer patients who come to Moffitt from Kissimmee or the surrounding Central Florida areas for a lymph node dissection, we can offer travel assistance through our partnerships with several nearby hotels. These properties offer discounted rates to our patients and their families, and the accommodations meet or exceed our stringent infection control and hygiene standards to ensure the safety of all patients, including those with compromised immune systems.

 To learn more about the lymph node dissection procedures and other ovarian cancer treatment options available for women from Kissimmee, FL, at Moffitt Cancer Center, call 1-888-663-3488 or complete our online registration form. No referral is necessary to schedule an appointment with our oncologists.


Ovarian Cancer