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  • Cancer Type: Neurologic Oncology
  • Study Type: Diagnostic
  • NCT#:
  • Phase: N/A
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  • Overview

    Study Title:

    A Pilot Study of Advanced Multi-parametric MRI to Evaluate De Novo Glioblastoma Tumors Prior to Surgical Resection


    The goal of this clinical research study is to learn about new MRI technique called a Works-in-Progress or WIP sequence.


    Specific Aim #1: Feasibility of using Siemens works-in-progress (WIP) sequences to accelerate acquisition of multiparameter MRI (mpMRI) images and parameter maps of the brain in subjects with glioblastoma (GBM). Quantitative analysis of standard and WIP mpMRI images and parameter maps to identify exploratory multispectral signatures of intratumoral habitats and normal/abnormal brain tissue types, and to populate a pilot database with mpMRI tissue types and pathology ground truth from spatially co-localized biopsies. Specific Aim #2: Qualitative comparison of images acquired using accelerated WIPs to standard clinical scans to determine feasibility of replacing the standard brain MRI for GBM with an accelerated protocol.

  • Inclusion Criteria

    • Age 18 or older
    • Radiographic diagnosis of GBM to be treated with surgical resection without neoadjuvant (presurgical) therapy. An intraoperative imaging agent (e.g. 5-ALA) is not considered a therapy.
    • No contraindications to MRI (such implanted ferromagnetic or pump devices, metallic fragments in eye), as indicated on our departmental MRI screening form.
    • Able to provide informed consent.
    • Not pregnant
  • Exclusion Criteria

    • Contraindication to MRI (including cardiac pacemaker; ferromagnetic foreign objects in the patient; metallic eye fragments; claustrophobia).
    • Inability to comply with study and/or follow-up procedures.
    • Inability to undergo gadolinium-based contrast administration (e.g. allergy, pregnancy)

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