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Moffitt at ASCO 2023

Moffitt Cancer Center’s research focuses on cutting edge discoveries that can be rapidly translated into improved diagnostic, preventive and therapeutic advances. At this year’s American Society of Clinical Oncology meeting our faculty will share their innovative research. The studies our scientists are presenting cover many cancer types and explore cutting edge advances in the areas of immunotherapy, artificial intelligence, radiation therapy, triplet therapy and more.

Want to learn more about Moffitt? Stop by our booth #5029 to meet with experts and see the impact Moffitt is making in cancer research. To access Moffitt's abstracts visit our virtual program below. You can also follow Moffitt on Twitter (@MoffittNews) and LinkedIn for live coverage of the ASCO 2023 Annual Meeting. 

2023 Featured Articles 

Combination Therapy Shows Mixed Results in First Randomized Trial for Lung Cancer
Tumor shrinkage is a positive sign, but overall survival rates did not improve

Can Viruses Be Used to Treat Lung Cancer?
Oncolytic virus therapy stimulates immune system to target cancer cells

Molecular Risk Model Better Predicts Outcomes in Rare Blood Cancer
New model can help dictate treatment decisions in chronic myelomonocytic

Can Adding Immunotherapy to Chemo Benefit More Cervical Cancer Patients?
Phase 3 trial results suggest adding pembrolizumab to chemotherapy improved survival for those with advanced or recurrent disease

Cell Therapy Superior to Standard of Care for Multiple Myeloma
Phase 3 trial results show improved response rate and reduced risk of disease progression

Ramping up the Immune System to Fight Breast Cancer
Clinical trial led by Moffitt evaluates combination immunotherapy for HER2 positive metastatic disease

Treatment Innovations in Rectal, Lung, and Brain Cancers 
New research shows benefit of de-escalating and targeting therapies to improve outcomes

Comparing Therapy Options for Melanoma In-Transit Metastases
New retrospective study is first direct comparison of first-line treatment

Adding Inhibitor to Hormonal Therapy Reduces Risk of Breast Cancer Recurrence
Phase 3 trial results could be practice changing for both men and women

Moffitt Scientists Share Innovative Clinical Research at ASCO
The American Society of Clinical Oncology Annual Meeting attracts more than 40,000

Predicting Response to Herpes Virus in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Patients
New study identifies genetic biomarkers that correlate with higher response rates

For a complete list of Moffitt ASCO 2023 presentations refer to our Virtual Program.


Press Contact

Kim Polacek

Kim Polacek, APR, CPRC

Senior PR Account Coordinator


Congratulations to our 2023 Award Recipients!

Dr. Luis Aguirre

Conquer Cancer Merit Award

"Refining risk stratification in CMML: A comprehensive assessment of the IPSS-M and other molecularly informed models"

Dr. James Yu
Conquer Cancer Merit Award

“Toxicity reporting consistency and subjective minimizing language use in colorectal cancer (CRC) and pancreatic cancer (PaC) clinical trials: A systematic review of phase III randomized controlled trials (RCTs)” presented at ASCO between 2012-2022.

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