3rd Annual Moffitt Pathology Symposium: Transforming Discovery into Practice



February 2-5, 2017
"Transforming Discovery into Practice"
Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Sarasota, FL

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Session 1

Liquid Based Diagnostics-Theresa Boyle, MD, PhD

Evaluating Tissue and Plasma miRNAs as Biomarkers of High-Risk Pancreatic Cysts-Jenny Permuth, PhD

Session 2

Update in Gastric Cancer: How Molecular Taxonomy and Morphologic Classification Collide-Gregory Y. Lauwers, MD

Advances in Liquid Biopsy for Solid Tumors-John A. Puskas, PhD

Comprehensive Genomic Profiling Assessment in Select Cases of Lung Adenocarcinoma with Multiple Levels of Resistance

James Saller, MD, Todd Knepper, PharmD, Andriy Marusyk, PhD      

Session 3

Minimal Criteria for Diagnosing Thyroid Carcinoma-Bruce M. Wenig, MD

Neuropathology of Brain Tumors-Adult Gliomas-Rob Macaulay, MD

Neuropathology of Brain Tumors-Dura and Sellar Region-Rob Macaulay, MD

Session 4

Fine Needle Aspiration in Diagnosis of Panreatic Neuroendocrine Tumors: Accuracy and Pitfalls-Maryam Tahmasbi, MD

CD133 Protein Expression as a Biomarker for Early Detection of Gastric Cancer-Sameer Al Diffalha, MD

Session 5

Quality Assurance and Control in the Cytology Laboratory-Barbara Ann Centeno, MD

Emerging Actionable Anatomic Patterns in GU Pathology-Mayer Fishman, MD, PhD

Session 6

Digital Cytopathology & Interactive Case Discussion-Marilyn Bui, MD, PhD

Session 7

The Milan System and Molecular Advances in Cytologic Diagnosis Salivary Gland Tumors-William Faquin, MD, PhD

The Paris System for Reporting Urinary Cytology-Jasreman Dhillon, MD

Session 8

Standarized Terminology in Pancreatobiliary Cytology: The Papanicolaou Society Guidelines-Barbara Ann Centeno, MD

Session 9

Quality Control & Assurance in Anatomic Pathology-Barbara Ann Centeno, MD

Why Precision Medicine Is Poised to Play Perfectly to the Strengths of Pathology and Lab Medicine-Robert L. Michel

Session 10

Case Studies in Molecular Medicine-Christine Walko, PharmD, James Saller, MD


Conference Contact: Janet.Young@Moffitt.org