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Richard's Run Fathers Day walk

Creating and hosting your own fundraising event is a terrific way to raise money for Moffitt in the fight against cancer while having fun with friends and family. These community partner events are fundraisers developed by a third-party group and/or individual to benefit Moffitt.

Community partners are fully responsible for organizing and executing their own event. Throughout the planning process, Moffitt’s community partner events staff can provide you with guidance and encouragement.

By coordinating your own event, you will join a community of other dedicated community partners who together raise over $1 million each year to support life-saving research and patient care at Moffitt. Our community partners have held golf tournaments, races, receptions, concerts and more – all to support Moffitt’s mission: to contribute to the prevention and cure of cancer. 

Take a look! Here are some of the inspiring events that have been organized to benefit Moffitt.

Feeling inspired? To get started hosting your own event: 

Step 1 - Decide on what kind of fundraiser you want to host. It could be an athletic event, musical experience, social gathering, or more - there are many creative ways to raise money and get your community excited to support Moffitt! 

Step 2 - Complete the Community Partner Commitment Form. Tell us about your event and promotional plans. We will contact you to discuss your event and its fundraising possibilities. You can submit your completed form to Liz Howard at

Step 3 - Know the facts. Learn about the impact of your support and share why you are raising money for Moffitt with your family and friends. 

Step 4 - After your event proposal has been approved, get planning! Choose a name for your event; select a date, time and location; set a budget; enlist help from volunteers; promote your event; and seek out support from individuals and businesses. Remember, Moffitt’s community partner event staff is here if you need extra guidance. 

Step 5 - After your event, let us know how it went!

We would love to hear your stories, see your photos/videos, and welcome your suggestions so our community partner events can continue to be successful in supporting cancer research at Moffitt. 

For more information about volunteer opportunities, please contact Liz Howard at 813-745-7805 or