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Thank you for your interest in coordinating a fundraiser to benefit Moffitt Cancer Center! Your generous support allows us to further Moffitt’s mission of contributing to the prevention and cure of cancer.  Below, you will find our fundraising guidelines and form. A Moffitt team member will contact you within 48 hours of form submission to discuss your fundraiser. Please contact with any additional questions.  

Please Provide Event Details Below

Thank you for your interest in coordinating a fundraiser! Our Moffitt team will review and reach out to you to discuss your fundraiser.

Event Information

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Contact Information

I agree to the guidelines listed below
  • Event Logistics
    • It is the responsibility of the event organizer(s) to obtain all necessary permits, licenses, and insurance. Moffitt cannot be held responsible for injuries and/or situations that may occur at events.
    • Moffitt Cancer Center staff attendance at your event cannot be guaranteed and is determined by your benefit level. Subject to Foundation calendar and staff availability.
    • If event details change (i.e., date, location, time) please email
    • We acknowledge that as a Community Partner, we will not receive any excess benefits from Moffitt. We understand that using the Classy platform is only intended to assist us with the collection of contributions that ultimately benefit Moffitt’s charitable purpose. We understand that Moffitt will not provide services, administrative or otherwise, to our organization.
    • Moffitt Cancer Center Foundation reserves the right to monitor and review all fundraising pages hosted on the Classy platform. If any guidelines are being violated, we have the right to remove the fundraising page.
  • Marketing and Promotion
    • Any external person/organization wanting to use the Moffitt name and/or logo must have approval from the Moffitt Marketing team before the production and printing of materials and/or posting any logo or branded content to the internet. Usage of logo must comply with Moffitt's brand guidelines. *Proofs must be shared with Moffitt for review before any print or digital distribution. Any approval provided by Moffitt is valid only during the promotion run time.
    • Moffitt is unable to provide a mailing list of donors, sponsors or vendors.
    • Moffitt is unable to promote or endorse external events, products or services outside of the community partner benefits.
  • Budget and Accounting
    • As a community partner, we are certifying our ownership of the event in its entirety and that Moffitt is merely the beneficiary of our fundraising efforts.
    • Event organizer(s) will be responsible for all event logistics and expenses. Once funds are received by Moffitt, they cannot be used to pay any expense related to the event.
    • Moffitt Cancer Center is unable to designate funds to support a specific patient’s treatment.
    • Funds can be mailed to:
      Moffitt Cancer Center Foundation
      Attention: Community Partner Events
      12902 Magnolia Drive | MBC-FOU | Tampa, FL 33612-9416
    • Funds raised from Community Partner Events must be received within 90 days and made payable to “Moffitt Cancer Center Foundation”.
    • Please be sure to include your event name in the notes field of the check.
  • IRS Guidelines
    • Due to IRS guidelines, Moffitt is not able to provide a tax exemption certificate for use with any gifts you receive or request.
    • Florida statutes prohibit raffles of any kind. Chance drawings may be conducted as long as Florida guidelines are followed. Please review this information on the Florida Legislature’s website. www.Leg.State.FL.US
    • We acknowledge that if our organization does not have tax-exempt status, only those payments made directly to Moffitt are tax deductible as charitable contributions.
    • We acknowledge that accounting for sponsorships, donations, and event registrations is ultimately our responsibility as a Community Partner. We further certify that we understand the implications of the tax regulations governing these contributions. We understand that donors must be provided a receipt in order for their donations to be tax deductible and that under IRC Section 6115, a good faith estimate of the value of goods or services provided to a donor must be disclosed to the donor for contributions in excess of $75.
    • We further acknowledge that we are responsible for determining the fair market value of the goods or services provided to ticket purchasers and sponsors at the fundraising event.
    • We further acknowledge that the Classy system issues a receipt to each contributor including a statement of the total contribution, the fair market value of the benefit received that we have established, and the net of the two amounts which represents the tax-deducible donation to the contributor.