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KrisThe Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA) Program recently sent patients to an Andrew McMahon concert in Orlando. Andrew is a young adult Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) survivor and advocate for AYA cancer.

One of Moffitt's own patients, Kris, a fan of Andrew's, was unable to attend the concert while receiving his chemo. So Andrew and the other patients who attended the concert Facetimed Kris before the show during a backstage visit. Kris said Andrew is his idol. On the phone, Kris asked Andrew, “How did you do it, how did you beat this?” Andrew said, “Be positive and have hope.”

Kris is a music teacher and works with marching bands and drum lines. This summer during a practice, the 21-year-old felt short of breath. After running tests and multiple hospital visits, Kris was diagnosed with ALL.

A Bradenton resident, he wanted to come to Moffitt for his treatment because of the proximity and the care. Kris is undergoing chemotherapy and hopes to have a transplant in the coming months. For a young man, Kris has an incredible attitude and outlook and thanks to his idol, Andrew, sees a very bright future for himself.