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CAR-T Research Alliance

ITUS Corporation, a cancer-focused biotechnology company, has entered into a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement with Moffitt Cancer Center, to advance toward human clinical testing a Chimeric Receptor T-Cell technology aimed initially at ovarian cancer, and eventually additional solid tumors. This technology was licensed by ITUS through its majority-owned subsidiary corporation, Certainty Therapeutics, Inc.

The technology is based on engineering T-cells with the Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) to target ovarian cells that express the FSH-Receptor. The FSH-Receptor was shown to be a very exclusive protein found on a large percentage of ovarian cancer cells, but not on other healthy tissue. Data on this technology, including the animal studies showing efficacy, can be found in, Clinical Cancer Research, 23(2) January 15, 2017, 441-453. Moffitt scientists directly involved in the development of this intervention are Marco Davila, M.D., Ph.D., Daniel Abate-Daga, Ph.D., Linda Kelley, Ph.D. and Jose Conejo-Garcia, M.D., Ph.D.