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Lauren Sparks, PhD

Research Program: Molecular Medicine Program

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    • Molecular Medicine Program
  • Publications

    • Goodpaster BH, Bergman BC, Brennan AM, Sparks LM. Intermuscular adipose tissue in metabolic disease. Nat Rev Endocrinol. 2023 May.19(5):285-298. Pubmedid: 36564490.
    • Amar D, Gay NR, Jimenez-Morales D, Jean Beltran PM, Ramaker ME, Raja AN, Zhao B, Sun Y, Marwaha S, Gaul D, Hershman SG, Xia A, Lanza I, Fernandez FM, Montgomery SB, Hevener AL, Ashley EA, Walsh MJ, Sparks LM, Burant CF, Rector RS, Thyfault J, Wheeler MT, Goodpaster BH, Coen PM, Schenk S, Bodine SC, Lindholm MNE. The mitochondrial multi-omic response to exercise training across tissues. bioRxiv. 2023 Jan. Pubmedid: 36711881. Pmcid: PMC9882193.
    • Erickson ML, Allen JM, Beavers DP, Collins LM, Davidson KW, Erickson KI, Esser KA, Hesselink MKC, Moreau KL, Laber EB, Peterson CA, Peterson CM, Reusch JE, Thyfault JP, Youngstedt SD, Zierath JR, Goodpaster BH, LeBrasseur NK, Buford TW, Sparks LM. Understanding heterogeneity of responses to, and optimizing clinical efficacy of, exercise training in older adults: NIH NIA Workshop summary. Geroscience. 2023 Feb.45(1):569-589. Pubmedid: 36242693. Pmcid: PMC9886780.
    • Many GM, Sanford JA, Sagendorf TJ, Hou Z, Nigro P, Whytock K, Amar D, Caputo T, Gay NR, Gaul DA, Hirshman M, Jimenez-Morales D, Lindholm ME, Muehlbauer MJ, Vamvini M, Bergman B, Fern Ndez FM, Goodyear LJ, Ortlund EA, Sparks LM, Xia A, Adkins JN, Bodine SC, Newgard CB, Schenk S. Sexual dimorphism and the multi-omic response to exercise training in rat subcutaneous white adipose tissue. bioRxiv. 2023 Feb. Pubmedid: 36778330. Pmcid: PMC9915732.
    • Mau T, Lui LY, Distefano G, Kramer PA, Ramos SV, Toledo FGS, Santanasto AJ, Shankland EG, Marcinek DJ, Jurczak MJ, Sipula I, Bello FM, Duchowny KA, Molina AJA, Sparks LM, Goodpaster BH, Hepple RT, Kritchevsky SB, Newman AB, Cawthon PM, Cummings SR, Coen PM. Mitochondrial Energetics in Skeletal Muscle Are Associated With Leg Power and Cardiorespiratory Fitness in the Study of Muscle, Mobility and Aging. J Gerontol A-Biol. 2023 Aug.78(8):1367-1375. Pubmedid: 36462195. Pmcid: PMC10395564.
    • Rubenstein AB, Hinkley JM, Nair VD, Nudelman G, Standley RA, Yi F, Yu G, Trappe TA, Bamman MM, Trappe SW, Sparks L, Goodpaster B, Vega RB, Sealfon SC, Zaslavsky E, Coen PM. Skeletal muscle transcriptome response to a bout of endurance exercise in physically active and sedentary older adults. Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab. 2022 Mar.322(3):E260-E277. Pubmedid: 35068187. Pmcid: PMC8897039.
    • Brøns C, Thuesen ACB, Elingaard-Larsen LO, Justesen L, Jensen RT, Henriksen NS, Juel HB, Størling J, Ried-Larsen M, Sparks LM, van Hall G, Danielsen ER, Hansen T, Vaag A. Increased liver fat associates with severe metabolic perturbations in low birth weight men. Eur J Endocrinol. 2022 Mar.186(5):511-521. Pubmedid: 35212643.
    • Yeo RX, Dijkstra PJ, De Carvalho FG, Yi F, Pino MF, Smith SR, Sparks LM. Aerobic training increases mitochondrial respiratory capacity in human skeletal muscle stem cells from sedentary individuals. Am J Physiol Cell Physiol. 2022 Aug.323(2):C606-C616. Pubmedid: 35785986.
    • Whytock KL, Sun Y, Divoux A, Yu G, Smith SR, Walsh MJ, Sparks LM. Single cell full-length transcriptome of human subcutaneous adipose tissue reveals unique and heterogeneous cell populations. iScience. 2022 Aug.25(8):104772. Pubmedid: 35992069. Pmcid: PMC9385549.
    • Carnero EA, Bock CP, Distefano G, Corbin KD, Stephens NA, Pratley RE, Smith SR, Goodpaster BH, Sparks LM. Twenty-four hour assessments of substrate oxidation reveal differences in metabolic flexibility in type 2 diabetes that are improved with aerobic training. Diabetologia. 2021 Oct.64(10):2322-2333. Pubmedid: 34402932.
    • Sparks LM, Goodpaster BH, Bergman BC. The Metabolic Significance of Intermuscular Adipose Tissue: Is IMAT a Friend or a Foe to Metabolic Health?. Diabetes. 2021 Nov.70(11):2457-2467. Pubmedid: 34711670.
    • Whytock KL, Carnero EA, Vega RB, Tillner J, Bock C, Chivukula K, Yi F, Meyer C, Smith SR, Sparks LM. Prolonged Glucagon Infusion Does Not Affect Energy Expenditure in Individuals with Overweight/Obesity: A Randomized Trial. Obesity (Silver Spring). 2021 Jun.29(6):1003-1013. Pubmedid: 34029448.
    • Brennan AM, Standley RA, Yi F, Carnero EA, Sparks LM, Goodpaster BH. Individual Response Variation in the Effects of Weight Loss and Exercise on Insulin Sensitivity and Cardiometabolic Risk in Older Adults. Front Endocrinol (Lausanne). 2020 Sep.11:632. Pubmedid: 33013705. Pmcid: PMC7511700.
    • Garneau L, Parsons SA, Smith SR, Mulvihill EE, Sparks LM, Aguer C. Plasma Myokine Concentrations After Acute Exercise in Non-obese and Obese Sedentary Women. Front Physiol. 2020 Feb.11:18. Pubmedid: 32132925. Pmcid: PMC7040180.
    • Giolo De Carvalho F, Sparks LM. Targeting White Adipose Tissue with Exercise or Bariatric Surgery as Therapeutic Strategies in Obesity. Biology (Basel). 2019 Mar.8(1). Pubmedid: 30875990. Pmcid: PMC6466059.
    • Brouwers B, Stephens NA, Costford SR, Hopf ME, Ayala JE, Yi F, Xie H, Li JL, Gardell SJ, Sparks LM, Smith SR. Elevated Nicotinamide Phosphoribosyl Transferase in Skeletal Muscle Augments Exercise Performance and Mitochondrial Respiratory Capacity Following Exercise Training. Front Physiol. 2018 Jun.9:704. Pubmedid: 29942262. Pmcid: PMC6004371.
    • Goodpaster BH, Sparks LM. Metabolic Flexibility in Health and Disease. Cell Metab. 2017 May.25(5):1027-1036. Pubmedid: 28467922. Pmcid: PMC5513193.
    • Pesta DH, Goncalves RLS, Madiraju AK, Strasser B, Sparks LM. Resistance training to improve type 2 diabetes: working toward a prescription for the future. Nutr Metab (Lond). 2017 Mar.14:24. Pubmedid: 28270856. Pmcid: PMC5335813.
    • Henagan TM, Stewart LK, Forney LA, Sparks LM, Johannsen N, Church TS. PGC1α -1 Nucleosome Position and Splice Variant Expression and Cardiovascular Disease Risk in Overweight and Obese Individuals. PPAR Res. 2015 Jan.2014:895734. Pubmedid: 25614734. Pmcid: PMC4295622.
    • van de Weijer T, Phielix E, Bilet L, Williams EG, Ropelle ER, Bierwagen A, Livingstone R, Nowotny P, Sparks LM, Paglialunga S, Szendroedi J, Havekes B, Moullan N, Pirinen E, Hwang JH, Schrauwen-Hinderling VB, Hesselink MK, Auwerx J, Roden M, Schrauwen P. Evidence for a direct effect of the NAD+ precursor acipimox on muscle mitochondrial function in humans. Diabetes. 2015 Apr.64(4):1193-1201. Pubmedid: 25352640. Pmcid: PMC4375076.
    • Sparks LM, Bosma M, Brouwers B, van de Weijer T, Bilet L, Schaart G, Moonen-Kornips E, Eichmann TO, Lass A, Hesselink MKC, Schrauwen P. Reduced incorporation of fatty acids into triacylglycerol in myotubes from obese individuals with type 2 diabetes. Diabetes. 2014 May.63(5):1583-1593. Pubmedid: 24487026. Pmcid: PMC4023412.
    • van de Weijer T, Havekes B, Bilet L, Hoeks J, Sparks L, Bosma M, Paglialunga S, Jorgensen J, Janssen MC, Schaart G, Sauerwein H, Smeets JL, Wildberger J, Zechner R, Schrauwen-Hinderling VB, Hesselink MK, Schrauwen P. Effects of bezafibrate treatment in a patient and a carrier with mutations in the PNPLA2 gene, causing neutral lipid storage disease with myopathy. Circ Res. 2013 Mar.112(5):e51-e54. Pubmedid: 23449549.
    • Koves TR, Sparks LM, Kovalik JP, Mosedale M, Arumugam R, DeBalsi KL, Everingham K, Thorne L, Phielix E, Meex RC, Kien CL, Hesselink MK, Schrauwen P, Muoio DM. PPARγ coactivator-1α contributes to exercise-induced regulation of intramuscular lipid droplet programming in mice and humans. J Lipid Res. 2013 Feb.54(2):522-534. Pubmedid: 23175776. Pmcid: PMC3588877.
    • van de Weijer T, Sparks LM, Phielix E, Meex RC, van Herpen NA, Hesselink MK, Schrauwen P, Schrauwen-Hinderling VB. Relationships between mitochondrial function and metabolic flexibility in type 2 diabetes mellitus. PLoS One. 2013 Aug.8(2):e51648. Pubmedid: 23418416. Pmcid: PMC3572106.
    • Phielix E, Meex R, Ouwens DM, Sparks L, Hoeks J, Schaart G, Moonen-Kornips E, Hesselink MK, Schrauwen P. High oxidative capacity due to chronic exercise training attenuates lipid-induced insulin resistance. Diabetes. 2012 Oct.61(10):2472-2478. Pubmedid: 22787138. Pmcid: PMC3447923.
    • Bosma M, Hesselink MK, Sparks LM, Timmers S, Ferraz MJ, Mattijssen F, van Beurden D, Schaart G, de Baets MH, Verheyen FK, Kersten S, Schrauwen P. Perilipin 2 improves insulin sensitivity in skeletal muscle despite elevated intramuscular lipid levels. Diabetes. 2012 Nov.61(11):2679-2690. Pubmedid: 22807032. Pmcid: PMC3478528.
    • Wu J, Boström P, Sparks LM, Ye L, Choi JH, Giang AH, Khandekar M, Virtanen KA, Nuutila P, Schaart G, Huang K, Tu H, van Marken Lichtenbelt WD, Hoeks J, Enerbäck S, Schrauwen P, Spiegelman BM. Beige adipocytes are a distinct type of thermogenic fat cell in mouse and human. Cell. 2012 Jul.150(2):366-376. Pubmedid: 22796012. Pmcid: PMC3402601.
    • Tam CS, Sparks LM, Johannsen DL, Covington JD, Church TS, Ravussin E. Low macrophage accumulation in skeletal muscle of obese type 2 diabetics and elderly subjects. Obesity (Silver Spring). 2012 Jul.20(7):1530-1533. Pubmedid: 22314623. Pmcid: PMC3561725.
    • Bosma M, Minnaard R, Sparks LM, Schaart G, Losen M, de Baets MH, Duimel H, Kersten S, Bickel PE, Schrauwen P, Hesselink MK. The lipid droplet coat protein perilipin 5 also localizes to muscle mitochondria. Histochem Cell Biol. 2012 Feb.137(2):205-216. Pubmedid: 22127648. Pmcid: PMC3262136.
    • Sparks LM, Moro C, Ukropcova B, Bajpeyi S, Civitarese AE, Hulver MW, Thoresen GH, Rustan AC, Smith SR. Remodeling lipid metabolism and improving insulin responsiveness in human primary myotubes. PLoS One. 2011 Oct.6(7):e21068. Pubmedid: 21760887. Pmcid: PMC3132732.
    • Church TS, Blair SN, Cocreham S, Johannsen N, Johnson W, Kramer K, Mikus CR, Myers V, Nauta M, Rodarte RQ, Sparks L, Thompson A, Earnest CP. Effects of aerobic and resistance training on hemoglobin A1c levels in patients with type 2 diabetes: a randomized controlled trial. Jama. 2010 Nov.304(20):2253-2262. Pubmedid: 21098771. Pmcid: PMC3174102.
    • Sparks LM, Xie H, Koza RA, Mynatt R, Hulver MW, Bray GA, Smith SR. A high-fat diet coordinately downregulates genes required for mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation in skeletal muscle. Diabetes. 2005 Jul.54(7):1926-1933. Pubmedid: 15983191.

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