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Name & Description Number
Adaptive Radiotherapy: Machine Learning Based App to Optimize Adaptive Radiotherapy Treatment Regimen 21MB059
Machine Learning: A Rapid and Non-invasive Lung Cancer Diagnostic to Predict PD-L1 Status Using Deep Learning Radiomics 19MB053 - VIDEO
Math Model: A Radiomics Based Diagnostic to Predict Treatment Outcomes in Lung Cancer 19MB040N
Math Model: A Diagnostic that Predicts Treatment Outcome and Personalize CAR-T Therapies 19MA038N
Math Model: A Diagnostic that Predicts Efficacy and Progression Free Survival in CAR-T Treated Patients 19MA037N
Math Model: A Diagnostic for Lesion Heterogeneity Classification for Informed Treatment Decision 19MA034N
Software: Deep Neural Network to Locate and Label Brain Tumors Enables Surgeons to Remove Tumors More Effectively 19MA019 - VIDEO
Math Model: Predict Patient-Specific Radiotherapy Responses Using a Proliferation Saturation Index in an Adaptive Bayesian Approach 18MB083N
Math Model: Methods for the Treatment of Prostate Cancer Using Intermittent Adaptive Therapy 18MB055N
Software: A Pathologist Tool for Alignment of Serial Whole Slide Histology Images 18MA012N
Software: A Quantitative Framework to Identify Radiation Targets for Cancer Treatment that Synergize with Immunotherapy 14MA022
Software: Decision Support Tool for Oncology Treatment using Mathematical Simulations 13MB073