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An oncological-trained technologist is explaining to a woman about mammograms

Moffitt Cancer Center is proud to be a leader in cancer treatment, but that’s not all we do. We also offer screening and prevention services for individuals who haven’t yet received a cancer diagnosis or even started experiencing symptoms. Regular cancer screenings are incredibly important because they increase the chances of finding a malignancy while it’s still in its early stages, which can in turn improve the chances of a successful outcome and positive quality of life.

What diagnostic services do we offer?

At Moffitt Cancer Center, we take pride in providing comprehensive care. This includes the following diagnostic services:

  • Radiology - Diagnostic Imaging and Interventional Radiology. Thanks to state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging technology, we can detect rare cancers and other diseases in their earliest stages. All examinations are administered by oncological-trained technologists holding advanced certifications in their specialty.
  • Genetic testing. An inherited cancer risk can increase the chances of developing certain malignancies, and genetic testing can provide invaluable information about this risk. We offer comprehensive genetic risk assessment and genetic testing services.
  • Pathology. Our board-certified pathologists use a wide array of techniques - including biopsies, cytogenetic testing, cytology, flow cytometry, immunohistochemistry and more - to diagnose even the rarest types of cancer and create individualized treatment plans.
  • Labwork and bloodwork. Using the latest technologies, we perform blood analyses, DNA analyses, tissue analyses, urine analyses, cellular and molecular tissue and organ examinations, evaluations of tumor characteristics, genetic evaluations and other fluid and tissue analyses.
  • Cancer screenings. We offer screenings for breast cancer, colorectal cancer, lung cancer and skin cancer.

For more information

If you’d like to learn more about the diagnostic services we have available, call 1-888-663-3488 or complete a new patient registration form online.

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