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Patient preparing for her surgery

VideoYour Surgical Journey Guided Tour

We understand that surgery is a difficult time for patients and loved ones. Protecting our patients’ well-being and privacy are priorities for us.

Your surgical journey at Moffitt Cancer Center will follow a specific path. The first part of your journey is a pre-anesthesia testing, or PAT, appointment where you are evaluated before surgery.

The second part is the time before surgery or pre-surgery, when you are preparing for surgery by following the personalized instructions from your clinic and PAT appointment.

Next, you will check into Moffitt for your surgery. The fourth part is the Post-Anesthesia Care Unit, also known as the PACU, where you will wake up from anesthesia after surgery.

The final part is after surgery or post-surgery. This is your recovery time.

If your surgery is outpatient, you will return home to be looked after by a responsible adult while you recover. If your surgery requires hospitalization, you will be transported to an inpatient room.

Learn more in our surgical journey guided tour, which includes:

  • PAT Appointment Overview
  • What Do I Bring
  • Moffitt Locations
  • Before Surgery Requirements include eating, bowel prep and medications

Moffitt has many support resources available to help our patients and their families, including social workers, case managers, chaplains, pharmacists and dietitians. There are also specialists to help you quit smoking or discuss your finances with you.

For additional information or questions, please reach out to any member of your healthcare team.

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