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Moffitt's Patient and Family Advisory Program was established in 2005 to bring the patient and family perspective into everything we do. The program is dedicated to strengthening collaboration between patients and family members and the health care team so as to enhance Moffitt’s ability to deliver the highest standard of safe, comprehensive and compassionate health care for all.

The program includes:

  • A Patient and Family Advisory Council is composed of a diverse group of patient and family advisors, clinicians and key administrators.
  • Patient and Family Advisors integrated into Moffitt Committees, initiatives and projects
  • A quarterly patient and family newsletter – PARTNERS, that also includes advisors.
  • Coffee Connections for patients and family members to relax and connect.
  • Peer visitors are patients and family members who talk with others and share experiences related to cancer diagnoses and treatment.
  • Opportunities for advisors to share your story for trainings, podcasts, and with researchers.

The Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC)

The Patient and Family Advisory Council, facilitated by patient and family advisor co-chairs, includes 17 patients and family members, who serve two-year terms. The council also includes key Moffitt Cancer Center administrators and staff members.

The Council serves as a "voice" for patients who have received cancer treatment at Moffitt and their family members. It is imperative for the Council’s membership to reflect the patients we serve. Patients and family members on the council work alongside doctors, nurses, other health care providers and administrators to:

  • Provide information about needs and concerns
  • Work with staff to make changes that impact patients and families
  • Participate in the design of patient care areas
  • Assist in the planning of new patient-related programs
  • Serve as a resource on a wide variety of issues, services and policies

Get involved with a flexible program with virtual options:

Moffitt is committed to including the voices of patients and family members from different backgrounds and experiences to represent the patients we serve and to provide world-class care for all.

Do you want to share your voice and experience to make changes that impact the patient and family experience at Moffitt? Contact us at or call 813-745-2963.

Become a patient or family advisor and partner with other advisors, health care providers and staff to raise issues, communicate patient and family concerns and help with problem-solving, with the goal of improving the patient experience and our services. Examples of participating either virtually or in-person include partnering through:

  • The Patient and Family Advisory Council
  • PARTNERS Newsletter Editorial Committee
  • Facility Design and Construction Projects
  • Input on Research Projects
  • Reviewing Communications
  • Presenting Patient and Family Orientation
  • Sharing Your Story for Staff Trainings                  

PFAC members Nellie and Tony

Become a Peer Visitor and visit and relate with other patients and family members and share experiences related to the cancer journey. Peer Visitors talk with patients and caregivers at all campuses during:

Learn more about the advisory program or apply to become an advisor.  

If you would like to be involved in making Moffitt the best that it can be for all patients and families, please contact us for more information. 


Patient and Family Advisory Program