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Cervical cancer survivor, Joanne, smiles looking toward the camera.

Meet Joanne

Cervical Cancer Survivor

"I came to Moffitt because I needed expert care."

Discovering precancerous cervical dysplasia

In matters of health, Joanne understands the importance of advocating for yourself.

After receiving treatment for high grade cervical dysplasia, a precancerous condition that occurs on the surface of the cervix, she was assured everything was fine. But she had concerns about lesions the doctor had found. 

Joanne advocates for her health

A Pap smear confirmed her condition had advanced to high grade dysplasia carcinoma in situ, a noninvasive early stage cancer. That's when Joanne decided to seek out expert care. "I came to Moffitt because I needed expert care. And I researched the doctors and selected the doctor that I felt was best for me." Not only was Joanne pleased with the expertise of her team, but she appreciated how they listened to her concerns and customized her care based on her family background. Today, she encourages everyone to advocate for their health and seek out the best care.