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Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, Florida, is focused on the prevention and cure of cancer. Moffitt, one of the world's most sophisticated cancer centers of excellence, employs fellowship-trained physicians and medical researchers who are among the best in their respective fields.

For years, Moffitt has provided many international patients and their physicians with second opinions. We now extend this service online to make it accessible to those patients who cannot come to us or want to make sure we have something different to offer before making the commitment to come to the United States.

What will your online consult cover?

One of our expert physicians specialized in your diagnosis will review your medical records, diagnostic tests, and will render an opinion that will include a diagnosis, diagnostic assessment, treatment summary and recommendations. Your own local physician will participate in the process by providing your medical information and reviewing your online consult with you.

Should you decide to come to Moffitt to be evaluated in person, we will be happy to give you the personalized care you and your family need with special attention to your comfort and your medical and cultural needs.

* Please note that online consultations are available only to international patients at this time.

Cost for an Online Consultation

Moffitt Cancer Center's online consult program is not covered by insurance programs. You may pay for this service via credit card or bank wire transfer. You may want to talk with your insurance company to find out if reimbursement is an option. Online consults at Moffitt Cancer Center start at $2,500 for a comprehensive review of your records, films and basic pathology (slides). If your pathology requires additional testing or if you have a paraffin block that requires cuts, staining and additional tests, price will vary as a result and an estimate will be provided to you.

An online consult is a convenient way for an international patient to receive a second opinion from one of our cancer specialists without having to travel to our center in Tampa.

Although an online consult can be more convenient than an on-site evaluation, there are important limitations that you must keep in mind.

An online consult may be less comprehensive as it is solely based on the information you provide, while lacking a physical evaluation. In addition, receiving an online consult does not mean one of our physicians is in charge of your care, and our online program will not allow for direct interaction with the reviewing physician. 

If direct interaction is very important to you, please consider making an appointment to come see us. To request an appointment, please call 813-745-4685 or email