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Certified interpreters at Moffitt speak with a patient

Understanding and communicating well with your treatment team is essential for your safety and well-being.

As a world-class cancer hospital, Moffitt sees patients from around the globe. Moffitt’s Language Services department works to break down the language barrier by offering high-quality, professional language access services to patients with diverse language and communication needs. Moffitt Cancer Center offers a comprehensive, far-reaching Language and Communication Assistance Policy under which patients are automatically provided access to qualified interpreter services via phone, video or a live interpreter during the following sessions (the list is not all inclusive):

  • Medical or social histories
  • Informed consent
  • Diagnosis and plan of treatment discussion
  • Changes in regimen, environment or condition
  • Medical procedures, tests, and/or surgical procedure discussions
  • Medical/medication instructions
  • Discharge plans
  • Family conferences
  • Reviewing legal issues and documents (Advance Directives, DNR, etc.)

Moffitt’s professional, centralized Language Services department sets it apart from other institutions in the Tampa Bay area.  We provide the following services at no additional cost to patients:

  • Spanish certified interpreters on site
  • The latest advances in interpreting technology, such as telephone and video interpreting services to provide access to over 180 languages, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • American Sign Language interpretation via live certified interpreters and VRI (video remote interpreting)
  • Translation of applicable medical documents into the patient’s preferred language

LEP*: Limited-English Proficiency  

Please visit our Diversity section to learn more about how Moffitt promotes a culture of diversity and inclusion.