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Jen, cervical cancer survivor, smiles for the camera.

Meet Jen

Cervical Cancer Survivor

"Cancer doesn't discriminate."

Cervical Cancer Survivor

After a mass was found during a routine check with their gynecologist Jen was diagnosed with cervical cancer. As a healthy adult in their 30s, cancer was the last thing on their mind, but Jen was confident they were in the right place at Moffitt Cancer Center. "Just being able to talk to my doctors and them being open about my plan of care and the diagnosis… The whole togetherness really helped."

As a nonbinary person, this feeling of welcome was especially important. "As soon as I walked in the doors of Moffitt, I wasn't judged. Nobody cared in a positive way." Today Jen shares their story to encourage others to stay up to date with their appointments and with the hopes of letting others in similar situations with cervical cancer know they're not alone.