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A couple reviewing a hospital bill.

What is a combined Moffitt statement?

Patients will receive one statement that combines both hospital and professional (physician) fees. The statement features an account detail to help you understand what services you are being charged for in the bill. 

The bill for the professional, or physician, fees includes charges for the time that the physician or other advanced practice professional spends with the patient during the office visit, or reading and interpreting the results of the patient’s laboratory, radiology, or other testing.

Charges from physicians practicing at Moffitt who belong to the Moffitt Medical Group are included on the combined statement. However, there are physicians from USF and some other professional groups that practice at Moffitt as well, so you may receive a separate professional bill from them.

Why does Moffitt charge a facility fee?

Moffitt is a licensed acute care hospital. Moffitt is unique in that the vast majority of physicians who practice at Moffitt do not have private offices. The only place where they see patients is in the outpatient department of Moffitt hospital. The hospital bills for providing the clinical evaluation, treatment facilities, nursing staff, supplies, etc. Even if the patient sees the physician in a hospital for a consultation only, the hospital must bill for the use of its facilities and non-physician staff. 

Why was I billed for hospital charges when I was only seen in the clinic?

Moffitt has acquired certain facilities for providing healthcare services either on the campus (at the main hospital) or off-campus. These facilities are licensed as part of the hospital and are considered provider-based facilities. All services are billed as an outpatient hospital and may result in a higher out-of-pocket expense.

Why am I being billed for slides sent to Moffitt prior to my first appointment?

The slides and pathology reports are required to identify potential discrepancies in the diagnosis, which are not uncommon. Your insurance will be billed directly by both the Moffitt pathology department and the pathologist for reinterpreting the slides. Please note, if you cancel your appointment after we have reinterpreted the slides, this charge cannot be reversed. You can still see a Moffitt specialist if your slides and pathology report cannot be obtained

What if my bill wasn’t what I anticipated?

Your balance is determined by your insurance carrier. If you think there is a discrepancy please call your insurance provider regarding your benefits. Additionally, you can obtain a cost estimate at

Why does Moffitt credit my payment to the oldest bill first?

Moffitt’s financial system calculates the total responsibility from all your visits to our hospital. Much like a credit card, your payment is applied to your total bill at Moffitt, not to an individual date of service. If you are unable to pay your entire balance in full, please contact us and set up a payment plan. Please note, you must contact Patient Account Resolution to add any new balances not already included in the payment arrangement.

Why did I receive a bill from an outside lab?

At times, Moffitt will need to send your labs to an outside laboratory for testing when these cannot be done at our facility. Your insurance will be billed by the laboratory and your benefits such as co-pay, deductible, and co-insurance could apply.

Can I pay my bill online or opt-out of paper statements? 

Patients can access online bill pay by signing into their Moffitt patient portal account under the
“My Bills” section. In this same section, patients can opt out of paper statements by clicking the “Opt-Out” button. Patients will receive an e-mail notification when their monthly billing statement is available to view online.