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Heather, cervical cancer survivor, wearing a brown cardigan sweater.

Meet Heather

Cervical Cancer Survivor

"I felt like the Moffitt caregivers allowed me to be vulnerable. And, in turn, empowered me to embrace that and get to the next step."

As a mother of four small children with a fifth on the way, the last thing on Heather’s mind was cancer. But at 37 weeks pregnant, doctors at the civilian hospital near her husband’s military base found a tumor. It was cervical cancer.

Within a week, Heather had a cesarean section and received a full hysterectomy. Fortunately, her fifth child was born in good health. But her battle had just begun. Six weeks later, Heather’s family relocated to Tampa where she was assigned to a different hospital for maintenance and check-ups. But after listening to friends and doing some research of their own, her family decided to put their trust in Moffitt instead.

Just a year and a half later, Heather’s tests showed that the cancer was back. This time, treatment would have to be more aggressive. It wouldn’t be easy, but she was ready to do whatever it took to be healthy for her family. Along the way, she found comfort in the many ways Moffitt included her family in the process. "It was integral in my well-being and me getting better – knowing the kids were taken care of," she recalls. "They felt welcome. They felt loved. And they were part of the team to make me feel better." '

The treatment and support worked. Now Heather is healthy and has embarked on a new career. She's a nurse at Moffitt, giving back to the community that helped her. "I believe so deeply in Moffitt," she says. "In our mission and how we care for our patients."