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Moffitt Virtual Care

Wish you didn’t have to leave your home to receive top-notch, Moffitt-quality care? Whether you are a new or an established patient in Florida, you don’t have to wait to be seen.

A woman using a tablet computer for a virtual visit

Virtual Care allows you access to your clinical care team in a live, face-to-face connection using your computer or mobile device. These secure, cost-effective, and convenient appointments can address your health concerns, offer diagnoses, review results, and send a prescription - when appropriate.

New or established patients in Florida can see a healthcare provider from the convenience of your home or office. Virtual care visits may be a covered benefit, depending on your insurance company and plan.

Learn More About Virtual Care
Virtual Care Success Checklist

Download the Zoom app to access a secure connection.

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Connecting in Three Steps

A woman's hands using a tablet computer

Step 1: Be Informed and Ready

Read the Telemedicine consent form prior to your appointment. You will be asked for your verbal consent at the beginning of your visit.

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Step 2: Prepare for Your Virtual Care Visit Location

Download the Zoom app to access a secure connection from your PC computer or mobile device.

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Step 3: Access Your Virtual Care

Access your Moffitt Virtual Care invite. Connect by selecting the hyperlink 5-10 minutes prior to your visit.

If you need support at any time, please call the Patient Portal Support Team at 813-745-8111 or email