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Headshot of Zoe, cancer and multiple surgery survivor.

Meet Zoe

Kidney Cancer Survivor and Head and Neck Cancer Survivor

"I really like to get to know people who are working with me to help me get better."

Zoe has lost count of the number of surgeries she's undergone, first for kidney cancer, and then for head and neck cancer. When it was time to relocate after retirement, Zoe knew she had to find a cancer center that not only provided expertise but also patient-focused care. That's how she and her husband ended up in Tampa - and at Moffitt Cancer Center.

She not only felt protected and embraced by her treatment team, she decided to volunteer and share her cancer journey with other patients. "I want other people to know that there are more good days than bad, and life is still worth living. I hope that I can help somebody in that way."