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Having a multispecialty tumor board in place for each of our programs is one of the things that makes Moffitt’s approach to cancer treatment so effective.

GI tumor board members

Our tumor boards consist of a group of medical professionals from all areas of expertise in cancer. For example, our breast cancer board is made up of surgeons, radiation oncologists, nurses, pathologists, radiologists, medical oncologists, and all other specialists involved in our patients cases – and every one of them is an expert in treating breast cancer. Each program’s tumor board meets weekly to ensure that every patient’s case is collaboratively reviewed.

At Moffitt, our highest priority is ensuring that our patients receive the best possible care and the greatest chance of beating cancer. These tumor board reviews give our treatment approach a number of distinct advantages. For instance: 

  • Every patient receives an individualized treatment plan
  • Every treatment plan is devised collaboratively, with all aspects of care taken into account
  • Because all specialties are represented in these reviews, all of the latest treatment options are known and available for consideration for each patient’s treatment plan

Plus, when the tumor board meets, we make sure that all findings and opinions are shared with the patient openly because we believe this transparency is key to successful treatment. At Moffitt, we understand that it’s not possible for one single physician to know every angle of every treatment specialization. Our physicians are all highly specialized, making them far more knowledgeable about their discipline than other physicians in the community. It’s having this level of expertise in everything that we do that propels our survival rates above national averages and allows us to provide our patients with an enhanced quality of life.

 To learn more about how our tumor board process works, please call 1-888-663-3488. Or, complete a new patient registration form online to request an appointment. No referral is needed to consult with the skilled oncologists at Moffitt Cancer Center.