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Dr. Kanetsky

Meet Peter Kanetsky, PhD, MPH

Chair and Program Leader, Department of Cancer Epidemiology

"I know I'm doing something that's good and can benefit the population and that makes me feel good about what I do."

For Dr. Peter Kanetsky one of the most exciting opportunities at Moffitt Cancer Center is the chance to bring researchers and physicians together.

“Very often individuals come from various disciplines and sometimes people don’t know they have common research or complementary research interests,” he says. “When you get these two individuals together to discuss science, hopefully, you can synergize their thoughts and something new can come out of those conversations.”

Dr. Kanetsky adds that some great ideas come from, “typical coffee runs when you bump into a colleague and you start chitchatting.”

These impromptu conversations can lead to brainstorming sessions that may result in innovative new research studies that could benefit patients, like a clinical trial.

“Clinical trials advance our science,” Dr. Kanetsky says. It’s the conclusions drawn from these trials that can lead to a better standard of care for patients.

This type of collaboration and support is also part of the reason Dr. Kanetsky believes many healthcare professionals are drawn to work at Moffitt.

“People come to Moffitt because they feel as if they can contribute to the vision,” he says. “We are all in it for one mission, which is to cure and treat and prevent cancer.”