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Radiation therapy is an integral part of the comprehensive cancer care that we provide at Moffitt Cancer Center. Designed to help kill cancerous cells, shrink tumors and alleviate symptoms, radiation-based treatments are used in the management of many different types and stages of cancer.

While radiation therapy relies heavily on advanced machines and new technologies, even more important are the oncologists who provide it. Even the best equipment must be placed in more-than-capable hands to be exceptionally effective. Patients in Moffitt’s Radiation Oncology Program receive care from a multispecialty radiation oncology team. Many of our radiation oncologists specialize in treating just one or two specific cancers. That means that patients will work with oncologists who understand the unique challenges of their situation.

Our radiation oncology department consists of:

  • Radiation oncologists, who are responsible for designing a patient’s radiation therapy plan and coordinating the details with other department members
  • Radiation therapists, who are trained to operate the advanced treatment machines used to generate radioactive beams
  • Dosimetrists, who are responsible for programming the equipment that delivers precise doses of radiation to the targeted areas while minimizing exposure for healthy tissues; they are also responsible for running computer simulations before a patient’s plan is implemented
  • Physicists, who help commission new equipment, run quality control tests and otherwise ensure that patients receive their prescribed doses and dose distributions
  • Nursing specialists, nutritionists, counselors and other support staff, who make sure all of a patient’s needs are fully met throughout the course of treatment

Moffitt’s Radiation Oncology Program is accredited by the American College of Radiology (ACR). To obtain this accreditation, we completed a rigorous review process that ensured proper training and certification for our staff members, making them exceptionally qualified to perform and administer radiation treatments. Additionally, our radiation therapy equipment was found to meet or exceed the quality assurance and safety guidelines established by the ACR.

Using our Trilogy, Truebeam, Novalis, Oncor and Clinac machines, our team is able to offer a full spectrum of radiation oncology treatments, including external radiotherapy, internal radiotherapy (brachytherapy), radiopharmaceuticals and INTRABEAM® breast cancer radiation treatment. These therapies are all available at our main campus, as well as at Moffitt at International Plaza.

At Moffitt, patients don’t need a referral to receive state-of-the-art radiation therapy from our team of experts. To schedule an appointment, call 1-888-663-3488 or complete a new patient registration form online.

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