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a group of researchers sit at a conference table

Moffitt’s research departments are typically discipline-based and focus on the career development of our faculty from appointment to tenure. Academic appointments include the ranks of assistant member, associate member and senior member. Due to medical group requirements, MDs, whether they perform clinical activities full time or are physician-scientists, are appointed to one of 15 academic clinical departments in the Clinical Science division. PhD faculty members are appointed to one of the research departments within the Basic Science or Population Science divisions. Departments are led by a department chair.

Basic Science - involves lab work that addresses the genome, cells, and biology of cancers, as well as the surrounding tissues, which can impact the nature of the cancer and its potential to spread.

Clinical Science - includes Moffitt’s extensive patient care activities. Clinical science research involves the clinical trials that look at new treatments and prevention strategies to fight cancer.

Population Science - involves studying large data sets, survey-based research and also lab work. Also includes research on the quality of life and behaviors that play a part in preventing, causing, or managing cancer.

Quantitative Science - brings together a variety of disciplines that seek to unravel the complexities of cancer through the application of mathematical modeling, biostatistics, bioinformatics, and data science approaches.