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graphic illustrating study of epidemiology

Department of Cancer Epidemiology

Message from the Chair:

The Department of Cancer Epidemiology at the H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute is discipline-based and focused on the career development of our faculty from appointment to tenure. The department is the academic home for faculty who primarily conduct population-level cancer research using robust methodologic and analytic approaches that incorporate a broad array of biomarkers and integrative methods. Our innovative research extends across the cancer continuum from cancer risk to interception and early detection to cancer outcomes and covers primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention. We have intentional focus to better understand the biological drivers of health disparities. Departmental faculty members also belong to the Cancer Epidemiology Research Program; and more information about our research aims and scientific highlights can be found here.

We prioritize team science, and our collaborators include faculty members across the population and quantitative sciences, and colleagues in the basic and clinical sciences, both at Moffitt and at other institutions. Cancer Epidemiology faculty are dedicated to the education of the next generation of cancer epidemiologists and provide mentorship to undergraduate and graduate students and post-doctoral trainees allowing them to maximize success as they transition to their next chapter, whether that be continued educational pursuit or placement into the academic, industry, governmental, or allied health workforce. 

Peter A. Kanetsky, MPH, PhD
Chair, Department of Cancer Epidemiology
Moffitt Distinguished Scholar