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The intern that is interested in completing a rotation at Moffitt Cancer Center must be affiliated, and in good standing, with a dietetic internship program accredited by the Accreditation Council for the Education in Nutrition and Dietetics (ACEND) of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND).  The internship provides at least 85% direct supervision by a licensed dietitian or dietetic technician with a designated supervisor on site 100% of the intern’s time at the facility.  The intern will see patients in our acute care, special care, and outpatient care settings with a variety of cancer diagnoses.  The intern will be able to interact with the entire medical team while learning about various nutrition-related conditions as they pertain to the oncology patient.  By the end of this rotation, interns will be expected to complete the Nutrition Care Process (NCP) on patients receiving a variety of treatments including chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery.  They will complete nutrition assessments collecting data on nutrition-related history, anthropometric measurements, biochemical data, nutrition-focused physical findings, and other data that impacts nutrition status.  From this assessment, the intern will determine a patient’s nutrition diagnosis, develop a nutrition intervention, and evaluate/modify that intervention based on patient outcomes.  Interns will also have the opportunity to perform the NCP on patients receiving enteral nutrition.  In addition, the intern may have opportunities to develop education materials, assist with Quality Improvement projects, evaluate supplement use, and view nutrition related procedures such as feeding tube placements or clinical swallowing evaluations.

If this is the program you are interested in, please click on this link to complete the application and select Dietitian Student from the available opportunities.