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Mark, CEO “It Works! Global” and Multiple Myeloma patient

Meet Mark

Multiple Myeloma patient CEO “It Works! Global”

"We believe if we work together on this research center, not only are we raising awareness, we're also on the path toward finding a cure for multiple myeloma."

Mark traveled across the country meeting with the top cancer doctors after he was diagnosed with multiple myeloma but realized the “hidden gem” was right in his backyard. At Moffitt Cancer Center, Mark found the holistic, personal care he was seeking, in addition to the most advanced cutting-edge treatments.

“Dr. [Rachid] Baz and the whole team, their knowledge is second to none,” says Mark. “They made me a great believer in Moffitt and I wanted to be a pioneer that could help.”

As a result, Mark and his wife Cindy helped fund the creation of the Pentecost Family Myeloma Research Center to find the cure for multiple myeloma, a rare blood cancer, and establish a new standard of care for patients.

“It takes all of us to find a cure for cancer,” says Mark. “Whatever it takes, we’re going to get this done.”