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At Moffitt Cancer Center, accurate labwork and bloodwork is critical to what we do. When one of our oncologists obtains a tissue or fluid sample for diagnostic purposes, he or she will send it to our Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Program, where a skilled team of experts will assess the sample for specific characteristics. Located on-site, our state-of-the-art lab is equipped with the latest diagnostic technologies, allowing our pathologists to quickly complete a wide range of fluid and tissue analyses.

Moffitt’s pathology team includes board-certified surgical pathologists, molecular pathologists, hematopathologists and laboratory medicine specialists. This team is experienced with all forms of cancer, from more common gynecological and gastrointestinal cancer types to rare and unusual malignancies. Our knowledgeable team also assists with rapid turnaround times and efficient and accurate results reporting.

Our labwork and bloodwork team can provide the following services:

  • Cellular tissue or organ examinations
  • Molecular tissue or organ examinations
  • Evaluations of tumor characteristics
  • Blood analyses
  • Urine analyses
  • DNA analyses
  • Tissue analyses
  • Genetics evaluations

These services are essential for providing the prompt, accurate diagnoses that our patients deserve, as well as developing the individualized treatment plans that Moffitt is known for. By recommending treatments based on the cellular characteristics of a patient’s cancer, we are able to provide a more precise and effective level of care for each patient. For instance, using information provided by our pathology team, our oncologists can select the specific chemotherapy drugs that are most effective for tumors with a specific genetic makeup, or determine if a patient is a good candidate for targeted biological therapies. Our labwork and bloodwork team can also review a patient’s biomarkers to determine how he or she is responding to a specific treatment, or even monitor these biomarkers for potential signs of recurrence.

To learn more about our labwork and bloodwork services, call 1-888-663-3488. Patients in need of an appointment can also request to schedule a visit online.