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At Moffitt Cancer Center, biopsy samples are sent to a team of skilled pathologists for an in-depth review. Our lab team includes surgical pathologists and hematopathologists, as well as laboratory medicine specialists who contribute to our outstanding biomedical research. More than a dozen unique subspecialties are represented within our Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Program, including:

  • Breast pathology
  • Dermatopathology
  • Endocrine pathology
  • Gastrointestinal and liver pathology
  • Genitourinary pathology
  • Gynecologic pathology
  • Pulmonary pathology
  • Renal pathology

This extensive breadth of expertise allows our biopsy specialists to accurately evaluate fluid and tissue samples, no matter how rare or unique the specimen. And, because of our clinical excellence, Moffitt is the laboratory that referring oncologists turn to when they need assistance with a challenging diagnosis. Our biopsy consultation services include routine histological stain interpretations, as well as individual case reviews with the diagnostic expert within the subspecialty that corresponds to a specific fluid or tissue sample.

At Moffitt, however, biopsy results aren’t just used to diagnose a cancer or to differentiate between benign and malignant tumors. Our pathologists use advanced molecular diagnostics to determine the exact cellular characteristics of a tumor, which in turn enables our oncologists to identify the most promising treatments for every patient. This is a key differentiator in our ability to provide exceptional outcomes and improve each patient’s quality of life during treatment.

To learn more about our biopsy services, call 1-888-663-3488. Patients looking to make an appointment or request a second opinion for an existing diagnosis can also request a visit online.