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This checklist can help you prepare for a successful Virtual Care visit.


  • Find a private location which allows you to focus on the visit
  • Ensure adequate lighting
  • Choose a space that has good Wi-Fi or wired connection
  • Avoid situations that may be distracting or include background noise


  • Connect a desktop or laptop with a web camera and microphone (or a tablet or smartphone if they have a camera and microphone)
  • Use headphones if needed


  • The same level of attire as in-person care

Before the Visit:

  • Up to five days prior
    • Respond to appointment notifications confirming and/or requesting support
    • Complete all pre-registration
    • Test your equipment and adjust accordingly
  • Up to three days prior
    • Locate the emailed link to your Virtual Care visit
    • Make a list of any questions or concerns and gather all relevant medical information you want to discuss
    • Set your devices to “do not disturb” and treat the visit as you would an in-person consultation.
    • Use the appointment link to connect to the visit before the intended start time 
      * If you have technical difficulties, call the following number: 813-745-8181

During the Visit:

  • Pause to allow transmission delay; speak clearly and loud enough for the provider to hear you
  • Be sure to get your questions answered and ask for clarification if needed to understand next steps, such as follow-up appointments, care plan and/or prescription orders

After the Visit:

  • Be on the lookout for a phone call from Moffitt to schedule any follow-up appointments