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More than half of all cancer patients are seniors, and Moffitt Cancer Center's Senior Adult Oncology Program is specially designed to care for these patients and their unique needs. This program was expressly developed for patients age 70 and older with all types and stages of cancer.

Cancer care is increasingly moving toward precision oncology targeted to both the cancer and the patient. In addition to the high quality cancer targeted management offered by all Moffitt oncologists, the Senior Adult Program oncologists and multidisciplinary team are highly trained to apply this cancer management in an optimal fashion to senior patients and their specific goals and health (be it above average or compromised). 

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Moffitt's Senior Adult Oncology Program is designed to:

  • Create individualized medical and therapeutic treatment plans for older cancer patients
  • Educate patients and their families on all available treatment options
  • Detect the warning signs of "unsuspected" diagnoses and recommend appropriate diagnostic/screening services
  • Provide strategies for reducing treatment-related side effects and increasing day-to-day functional abilities and quality of life
  • Meet the rehabilitative needs of each patient
  • Identify and avoid potentially dangerous drug interactions, including interactions between pharmaceuticals and over-the-counter supplements
  • Provide each patient with an optimized nutrition and lifestyle plan
  • Maximize each patient’s social, emotional, spiritual and psychological support
  • Help address socioeconomic issues and family/caregiver concerns

Through this advanced program, patients can work with several experienced medical professionals, including geriatric oncologists, geriatric nurse practitioners and oncology nurses, dietitians, pharmacists and social workers in a single, easily accessible clinic. When assessing a patient’s needs, our team takes into account a number of concerns that are specific to senior patients, including mobility and activity limitations, transportation difficulties, memory disorders, depression, comorbidities, nutritional problems and potential interactions with medications taken for other coexisting conditions.

We work closely with referring physicians to coordinate and streamline each patient's care, offering easy lines of communication to track progress and exchange notes. And, because we understand that every day makes a difference, we try to respond to all referrals on the same business day in which they are received, leading to the shortest possible referral times. To refer a patient to Moffitt's Senior Adult Oncology Program, complete our online form or contact a physician liaison for assistance or support.

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