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A couple using a laptop computer to review a hospital bill

Patients will receive one statement that combines both hospital and professional (physician) fees. The statement features an account summary, making it easy to understand the total amount owed. Detail is also provided to help you understand what services you are being charged for in the bill.

The bill for the professional, or physician, fees includes charges for the time that the physician or other advanced practice professional spends with the patient during the office visit, virtual care appointments, or reading and interpreting the results of the patient’s laboratory, radiology, or other testing.

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Charges from physicians practicing at Moffitt who belong to the Moffitt Medical Group are included on the combined statement. However, there are physicians from USF and some other professional groups that practice at Moffitt as well, so you may receive a separate professional bill from them.

If you have any questions, please contact the financial counselors located in the Business Office or by calling 813-745-8422 or emailing

Moffitt Statement Example English (PDF)

Moffitt Statement Example Spanish (PDF)