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Mother and daughter hugging in kitchen

Families First: Helping Families to Cope

You may find that it is harder than you realize to keep the news of your cancer diagnosis from your children.

Fertility Preservation

The ability to have a biological child is one of those long-term effects that can be high-risk depending on the type of cancer treatment a patient...

hat and sunglasses for sun safety

Practicing Sun Safety

Sun safety and prevention of skin cancer involves a sun-safe lifestyle, routine dermatologic follow-up and self-skin checks.

DNA strand genetics

Genetic Testing Part of Cancer Care

Genetic counseling and genetic testing are a part of cancer care.

Ryan Gebert

From Remission to Research

Ryan Gebert applies his background and experiences working at Moffitt to give back to the research community by transforming health and improving...

TIL Therapy for Cancer

Infographic: How TIL Therapy Works to Fight Cancer

TIL is a type of immunotherapy that uses a patient’s own immune cells to fight cancer. Learn more in this infographic.

Patient discussing pancreatic cancer vaccine with doctor

Pancreatic Cancer Vaccines

Pancreatic cancer vaccines harness the power of the body’s immune system to target and destroy tumor cells. Read about this promising treatment...

Patient in waiting room before mammogram screening

Mammography Screening: Frequently Asked Questions

Regular breast screening is vital because it can help detect breast cancer before a lump becomes noticeable. Find answers to frequently asked...

Find Out if You Qualify for Lung Cancer Screening

Know when to get a lung cancer screening using this infographic.

Members in a health equity training session

Why We’re Training Moffitt Team Members on Health Equity

When healthcare workers can understand that health is determined by many factors, including social factors, it helps us understand why some groups of...

hands clasping

What is a Chaplain?

The role of a chaplain is to offer a safe space where someone can wrestle with life’s hard questions and explore their own personal beliefs.

John DesRoches

Nearly Four Decades of Survival and Counting

John says he continues to benefit from the amazing progress made within cancer research and is thankful for the treatment that saved his life four...

Safety checkpoint signs at Moffitt

Making Moffitt Safer for You

Moffitt has launched a new visitor check-in process that meets the highest standards for patient and visitor safety.

Woman doing chair yoga

Chair Yoga: Is It for You?

Moffitt offers a unique approach to yoga accessible to people at all levels of treatment. Chair yoga classes are held on Zoom twice a week and offer...

Precshard Williams and Dr. Jessica Islam

Listen In: Precshard Williams and Dr. Jessica Islam

The Cancer in Our Community podcast for December includes a conversation exploring "The Complicated Case of Cancer and HIV."