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The mission of the Participant Research, Interventions, & Measurement Core (PRISM) is to provide assistance to Moffitt Cancer Center members with automated study workflows, intervention development and delivery, data collection, as well as survey research design, implementation, and execution. These methods are a vital tool in cancer prevention, detection, and control research and are increasingly used in clinical investigations of new cancer therapies. PRISM was developed to aid Cancer Center members with the translation of study goals into the selection and/or design of specific instruments and procedures.


  • Assist with the selection of published survey instruments or the development of new, study-specific items or surveys
  • Selection of format and schedule of survey administration
  • Assessing various interviewing techniques and respondent incentives
  • Testing recall, comprehension, and alternative wording for survey items/ instruments
  • Comparing data collection modalities

Automated Study Workflows

  • Customizable study databases to support single-instance and longitudinal data collection
  • Automatic pushing of study surveys and/or content to participants via e-mail/SMS
  • Sophisticated web-based surveys with skip-logic
  • Pre-loading surveys onto study devices (e.g. tablets, smartphones)

Intervention Development and Delivery

  • Assistance with design and development of web and mobile device interventions
  • Deployment of interventions accessible through multiple devices
  • Automated timing and delivery of interventions

Survey Production & Processing

  • Paper Survey Design & Processing
    • Design of surveys using a high-accuracy system for automatically processing paper surveys
    • Conduct scanning and verification of completed surveys
  • Web-based Survey Design
    • Design/development of web-based surveys with complex skip logic
    • Surveys use various question types with embedded audio/video clips
    • Customized email invitations and mobile device accessibility
  • Telephone Interviewing
    • Conduct phone interviews in our private videoconferencing lab using noise-cancelling headsets
    • Bilingual staff available for surveys administered to Spanish-speaking participants

Transcription of Audio Recordings

  • Coordination of transcription services for researchers that conduct in-person or telephone interviews and/or focus groups

The PRISM Core is located in the Moffitt Research Center (MRC) on the second floor.


Scientific Director
Christine Vinci, PhD

Core Facility Manager    
Adele Semaan, PhD, MPH

This work has been supported in part by the Participant Research, Interventions, and Measurement Core at the H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute, a comprehensive cancer center designated by the National Cancer Institute and funded in part by Moffitt’s Cancer Center Support Grant (P30-CA076292)