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Outreach Engagement Request Form

Are you a community member wanting to host a health event or need a speaker to discuss cancer research or education? Please complete the form below, to request community outreach services from Moffitt Cancer Center. Once we receive your completed form, a Moffitt representative will contact you.

Outreach Request Form

COEE Speaker's Bureau

Speaker’s Bureau

The Office of Community Outreach, Engagement and Equity (COEE) has established a Community Speaker’s Bureau to provide opportunities for faculty researchers to engage with communities that match their interest and expertise. The Community Speaker’s Bureau will help to inform communities about the research conducted at Moffitt, raise community awareness about research, and answer questions relating to various cancer topics and issues.

Members from the research faculty is available to speak in community settings; such as, community groups, organizations, churches, and schools. Events can be modified to meet the needs of the community, including providing the talk in Spanish. 

Clinical Trials Education & Navigation

Clinical trials help doctors and researchers discover new ways to prevent, identify and treat various types of cancer. Interested in learning more about clinical trials, or how you can participate in one? Here are some resources:

Sondak Mole PatrolCommunity Cancer Education and Screening

Moffitt provides community outreach and engagement from youth to adults. Outreach teams are dedicated to reducing the burden of cancer through community-based cancer education and screening programs. These programs are developed considering the unique culture, social, and non-English speaking needs of the populations served.

Men's Health Forum

Patient Support & Advocacy

Moffitt values the advice of patients, caregivers and the larger community (including partners, providers and leaders). The Center engages with community members to identify and address community and patient priorities. Our programs provide support and opportunities to advocate for the needs of the communities we serve.

Training and Education Opportunities

Moffitt offers a variety of opportunities to train outreach and clinical professionals, within and outside of Moffitt, to make sure  evidence-based programs are being provided to diverse communities. When possible, Moffitt research faculty participates as speakers, moderators, and facilitators for these training programs.

ARBOLES Familiares: Assessing Risk of Breast Cancer through Outreach to Latinas with Education and Support

Training and Education team for COEE

Programa de ÁRBOLES Familiares is an innovative training program aimed at bridging the gap between Latinas at risk for Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer (HBOC) and genetic services by targeting bilingual community outreach and educational professionals. Its goal is to improve referral and navigation competencies to identify, educate, and guide Latinos at increased risk for HBOC to risk-appropriate genetic services.

Cancer 101

Cancer 101 is an NCI-funded educational resource designed to educate the community about cancer and has been evaluated to show increased knowledge and positive attitudes towards cancer prevention. It consists of 10 modules that address basic information regarding cancer, cancer control and prevention, diagnosis and treatment, biospecimens and biobanking, cancer and genetics, cancer and chronic disease, patient and caregiver support, HPV and clinical trials.


ECHO: The Enriching Communication Skills for Health Professionals in Oncofertility

ECHO is a web-based training program that includes psychosocial, biological, clinical and skill building modules to help allied health professionals (AHP) communicate timely and relevant information regarding reproductive health to their adolescent and young adult (AYA) patients.


GMaP: Geographical Management of Cancer Health Disparities Program

GMaP is a national program established in 2009 by NCI’s Center to Reduce Cancer Health Disparities. As described by NCI, GMaP is designed to enhance capacity in the areas of disparities research; recruitment and career/professional development of underrepresented investigators, trainees, and students; communication and dissemination; and evaluation, as part of building region-based “hubs” for the support and efficient management of cancer health disparities (CHD) research, training, and outreach.


Moffitt Diversity

Moffitt Diversity employs two key strategies to meet the goal of increasing access to care: First, enhance Moffitt's image among underserved communities as an organization delivering cultural and linguistically competent care through prevention education and mutually beneficial partnerships. Secondly, serve as a resource, as well as, to identify opportunities to increase Moffitt’s preparedness when serving diverse communities.

RET: Research Education and Training

Interested in a career in cancer research? RET is interested in recruiting scholars who have a profound interest in preventing, treating and curing cancer, as well as those who would like to help patients in their struggle to beat the disease.


SPIRIT-CHD: Southwest Partnership for Improving Research & Training in Cancer Health Disparities

SPIRIT-CHD is a collaborative partnership between Moffitt Cancer Center and Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center in New Orleans, Louisiana. The two main goals are to advance translational research on the biological mechanisms of cancer health disparities focusing on biospecimen-based research and precision medicine, and establish a joint Cancer Research Education Program (CREP) for underrepresented undergraduate and medical school students focusing on biobanking, precision medicine and cancer health disparities.