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Outreach Workgroup of the COE&E

The Outreach Integration Workgroup is led by the Office of COEE. The workgroup seeks to support Moffitt’s efforts in addressing cancer health disparities through community outreach and engagement, education and recruitment of diverse populations to cancer research, strengthening the research capacity in Moffitt’s catchment area and facilitating the coordination and communication among community members/organizations, outreach teams, and research faculty. 

Outreach Workgroup MeetingMembers include representatives from Moffitt’s outreach teams, health disparities research programs and Public and Government Relations. The workgroup is responsible for:

  • Creating a comprehensive summary of Moffitt’s community outreach and engagement in the catchment area
  • Creating opportunities to share best practices for outreach and inclusion of research in the catchment area
  • Developing a strategy for harmonizing measures of impact of Moffitt’s outreach in the catchment area
  • Developing strategies to expand outreach regarding cancer prevention, early detection, treatment, survivorship and research within the catchment area

Workgroup Members