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Moffitt's financial counselors help with financial assistance for qualifying patients.

Caring for patients who cannot afford to pay for quality cancer care is an important part of Moffitt’s commitment to Florida’s citizens. Part of its dedication to serving its patients is the provision of financial assistance to qualifying patients who are unable to pay for their care at Moffitt due to limited or no insurance coverage. 

Applying for Help

You can ask for help with your bill at any time before or while you are receiving care at Moffitt by contacting our Business Office at 12902 USF Magnolia Drive, MCB-BO, Tampa, Florida 33612, via email at, call 1-800-456-3434 ext. 8422 or 813-745-8422. Online financial application is coming soon.

After requesting financial assistance, you will be referred to one of Moffitt’s financial counselors or patient service representative.  At that time, you will learn about the financial assistance application process and the documentation you need to provide to assist Moffitt in making a decision about your eligibility for financial assistance. 

Some of the documents that you might be asked to provide include information about your insurance coverage; employment status; proof of income; family size; proof of dependents; proof of identity; proof of residency; and proof of asset worth.

Qualifying for Help

After you apply for financial assistance, your Financial Assistance Application will be evaluated by Moffitt. In its evaluation, Moffitt will review all of the documents you provided to determine your financial situation. In general, Moffitt provides financial assistance to patients who are uninsured or underinsured and who have a household income or household assets that are valued at up to four times the federal poverty level. It is the intention of Moffitt to offer financial assistance to its most medically and financially needy patients.  

After your financial assistance application is evaluated, you will be contacted by a financial counselor or patient service representative to let you know whether you qualify for assistance and, if you qualify, what level of assistance you are eligible to receive. 

List of Covered Providers:

If approved for financial assistance, the approval will include Moffitt hospital charges and physician bills from Moffitt Medical Group. USF Physician’s Group will apply Moffitt’s 100% approval to their bills as well. All other levels of assistance with Moffitt will not be extended by USF Physician’s Group.

Assistance Offered

Medical bills can be reduced or completely forgiven for patients who qualify for financial assistance. In no event will a patient who qualifies for financial assistance be charged more than the amount generally billed to Moffitt’s patients with insurance for other medically necessary care. The amount generally billed to Moffitt’s patients with insurance is determined each year. Currently, this means that patients who qualify for financial assistance will not be required to pay more than 35% of their medical bills at Moffitt.   

Where to Obtain Information

You can download a copy of Moffitt’s Financial Assistance Policy in EnglishSpanish or Creole (PDFs) and download the Financial Assistance Application in EnglishSpanish or Creole (PDFs). This Plain Language Summary can also be downloaded in EnglishSpanish or Creole (PDFs) and also viewed on the web in Spanish and Creole

You can also obtain a hard copy of this Plain Language Summary, Moffitt’s Financial Assistance Policy and the Financial Assistance Application by contacting the Moffitt Cancer Center Business Office at 12902 USF Magnolia Drive, MCB-BO, Tampa, Florida 33612, via email, call 1-800-456-3434 ext. 8422, or 813-745-8422.

At Moffitt, we understand that each patient has a unique financial situation and we encourage you to contact us if you need assistance.