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Researcher in the clinical trials lab

Moffitt Cancer Center leads a nationally applauded clinical trial program that’s actively improving outcomes and breaking barriers for cancer patients now and into the future. Phase 1 clinical trials play an important role in the success of research efforts by allowing physician scientists to observe the safety and efficacy of newly developed cancer therapies.

What is a phase 1 clinical trial?

"Phase 1" refers to the initial stage of testing a new drug in clinical trials. This stage usually involves a small number of participants who are the first to receive a newly developed treatment, such as a gene therapy, immunotherapy, targeted therapy, surgical procedure or chemotherapy drug. Patients are closely monitored throughout the trial and can choose to end their participation at any time. Typically, the goals of a phase 1 clinical trial are to:

  • Assess a treatment’s safety and effectiveness
  • Determine what dosage is most appropriate, in the case of medication
  • Observe early results of various treatment durations and/or frequencies
  • This research provides critical information about an emerging treatment and lays the foundation for more in-depth and large-scale research, which is conducted in phases 2 and 3 of a clinical trial.

What sets Moffitt apart?

Moffitt is ranked among the top 1% of cancer centers in the country and is the only National Cancer Institute-designed Comprehensive Cancer Center based in Florida, which is a distinction that speaks directly to our groundbreaking research initiatives.

Expertise provided by Moffitt's Clinical Genomics Action Committee—an exclusive, multispecialty tumor board—allows our physician scientists to assist patients with known genetic abnormalities and incorporate highly individualized science early on in drug development, thereby accelerating the research process and giving patients access to the most effective therapies as efficiently as possible. This bench-to-bedside approach is a key reason why Moffitt is a premier destination for clinical trials and an undisputed leader in cancer research.

Our phase 1 clinical trial team

Moffitt's phase 1 clinical trial program is led by a diverse team of physician scientists, including:


Prospective patients and referring physicians are encouraged to learn more about phase 1 clinical trials at Moffitt Cancer Center. To view our extensive portfolio of clinical trials or connect with a clinical trial navigator, submit a clinical trials inquiry form online or call 813-745-6100 or 1-800-679-0775 (toll-free). Referrals are not required for patients to visit Moffitt, although referring physicians can contact a Moffitt physician liaison for assistance.