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Dr. Khakpour

Meet Nazanin Khakpour, MD

Breast Cancer Surgeon

"To spend the time to talk to the patient and give them comfort is very important."

Dr. Nazanin Khakpour can count hundreds of breast cancer patients who have influenced and motivated her throughout the years.

“The courage in patients is what drives me and inspires me every day,” she says.

She enjoys sitting down with each of her breast cancer patients and together formulating an individualized treatment plan - which is one of the main reasons she loves working at Moffitt Cancer Center.

Moffitt not only encourages such interaction with patients but expects it.

“It’s the focus on the patient care and the patient’s wellness,” says Dr. Khakpour.

On top of the one-on-one discussions with surgeons, patients receive support during their treatment from a group of specialized physicians who help with the physical, emotional and social aspects of having cancer.

“Patients are offered nutrition health, emotional support, social services and any other areas that they may require. Comprehensive care at Moffitt Cancer Center sets us apart,” Dr. Khakpour says.

Working in Moffitt's Breast Cancer Program, Dr. Khakpour also remains particularly encouraged because of the strong admiration she holds for her colleagues, whom she describes as having a strong sense of “trust and respect.”

“The people I work with are a team dedicated to the care of patients and to breast cancer and what’s so special is that everyone’s been there quite some time,” she says.