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Treatment for kidney cancer_Dr. Diaz

Meet Dr. Roberto Diaz

Stage 3 Kidney Cancer Survivor

"I am in one of the best cancer centers in the world."

Symptoms of Kidney Cancer

Despite being a breast cancer radiation oncologist at Moffitt Cancer Center, cancer was the farthest thing from Dr. Roberto Diaz’s mind when he felt a persistent pain on his side. However, with the encouragement of a colleague he got a workup done. He was soon diagnosed with stage 3 kidney cancer and treatment began immediately. 

As a family man with four little ones and one on the way, Dr. Diaz turned to his faith, friends and family for support. He also found inspiration in his patients.

“Patients who have the courage to fight. And then despite getting bad news, they have the courage to keep on fighting. And that is fuel. It motivates and inspires me as a doctor, their doctor, to be able to face the giant of uncertainty.”

In January 2021, Dr. Diaz has been cancer free for five years.