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Moffitt offers nutritional counseling

The Moffitt Cancer Center’s Nutrition Therapy department provides comprehensive nutrition care for our patients and cancer-related nutrition education for the Tampa Bay area.

Proper nutrition is an important part of cancer prevention, treatment, recovery and survival. Whether a person is at high risk for cancer, is receiving treatment for cancer, or has recently overcome the disease, enhanced nutrition can have lasting positive effects on the mind, body and soul. Consulting with a registered dietitian ensures that the information received is coming from the latest scientific evidence from the best available resources.

Our dietitians have in-depth knowledge of food and human nutrition. We work with Moffitt’s medical team to provide comprehensive nutrition support and contribute to decisions that affect the well-being of patients. Along with our Food Service department, we promote optimum nutrition through a hotel-style food service, called "At Your Request." The service allows patients and their guests to order healthy meals and snacks anytime between 6:30 a.m. and 9 p.m.

Having access to the clinic’s dietitians was quite helpful. Especially with esophageal cancer, finding ways of getting enough protein was critical.
- Dave Zeigler, Patient Advisor, Patient and Family Advisory Council

Our in hospital and outpatient dietitian services include education, assessment and counseling in:

  • Cancer prevention
  • Prevention and treatment of malnutrition
  • Management of treatment side-effects
  • Nutrition build-up prior to and during therapy
  • Management of specialized feedings like tube feedings and TPN
  • Counseling on therapeutic diets
  • Counseling on drug-diet interactions
  • Nutrition and cancer survivorship
  • Food safety and prevention of food-borne illness
  • Accurate and truthful information on the diet and cancer connection
  • Dietary supplements and Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM)
  • Management of food malabsorption and prevention of nutrient deficiencies
  • Management and treatment of diabetes

Nutrition support is provided by our registered, licensed, dietetic specialists. World-wide, registered dietitians and nutritionists (RDN) are the experts in food and nutrition. Moffitt dietitians support and promote high standards of professional practice and have extensive training and education. They hold a bachelor's degree in nutritional sciences or a related degree and in many cases a master’s degree in nutrition, business, or public health and/or a certification in oncology. They also hold leadership positions in professional, community and service organizations to enhance health and nutritional status while protecting the public.

Along with Moffitt’s medical team, we strive to provide the support our patients need so they can focus on their health and recovery.

Contact Us

If you are a patient at Moffitt Cancer Center, our dietitians are available to respond to your specific questions or needs related to your diet and treatment. To make an appointment with a dietitian, please ask your health care practitioner to refer you to a dietitian.

For other information, please contact us at 745-3609.

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