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Moffitt Cancer Center’s Nutrition Therapy department has a Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE) who is a registered and licensed dietitian and a CDE who is a registered nurse. Both provide diabetes education to our patients and their family.

The department also:

  • Provides basic information about diabetes and its management (including medication and/or therapy-induced hyperglycemia, newly diagnosed, etc.)
  • Trains patients and/or caregivers to use glucose meters, insulin syringe and insulin pen.
  • Educates patients/caregivers on diabetes medications and potential interactions with cancer therapy.
  • Provides nutrition education for diabetes meal planning.

Contact Us

If you are a patient at Moffitt, our certified diabetes educators are available to respond to your specific questions or needs related to your diabetes and treatment. To make an appointment with a certified diabetes educator, please ask your health care practitioner to refer you.

For other information, please contact us at 745-3609.