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genetic risk assessmentMoffitt Cancer Center’s Screening and Prevention Program specializes in monitoring and early detection for many types of cancer. We provide a wide range of screening, surveillance and counseling services, incorporating the latest advancements in imaging, biomarker testing and genetic risk assessment to give patients the peace of mind they deserve. Working closely with each patient’s referring physician, we empower individuals of all ages to take a more proactive role in their health.

Moffitt’s Screening and Prevention program accept referrals for patients with an elevated risk of cancer due to family history, carcinogen exposure or age, as well as patients who do not currently have any known risk factors but would like to learn more about cancer prevention. We also accept referrals for patients who have received abnormal test results and therefore require advanced monitoring for potentially cancerous developments.

At Moffitt, patients work with a team of physicians, advanced practice professionals (PAs and ANRPs), technologists, scientists, counselors, and fellowship-trained radiologists, all of whom specialize in a specific type of cancer.

Moffitt screening and prevention offerings include:

Moffitt specializes in identifying and helping your patients who have a higher-than-average risk for cancer. To connect patients with the team that can best serve their needs, we operate the following clinics, each with a particular area of focus:

Assessment clinics available include:

  • Breast Evaluation Clinic
    Provides evaluation for patients who are having breast symptoms and/or who had an abnormal imaging study at another facility.
  • Breast Surveillance Clinic
    Provides clinical monitoring for women at increased risk of breast cancer because of certain medical conditions.
  • Breast Cancer Survivorship Clinic
  • Prostate Evaluation Clinic
    Provides follow-up care to men with an abnormal prostate screening (PSA test or digital rectal exam) and to men at increased risk due to family history or premalignant cells on biopsy.
  • Genitourinary Cancers Survivorship Clinic
  • Cancer Survivorship Program
    Our compassionate team can provide the education, expertise, and support needed to help with the successful transition to survivorship.
  • Women’s Health and Gynecologic Pre-Malignancies
    Provides consultation or a second opinion to patients with cervical or vaginal dysplasia.
  • Genetics Testing and Counseling Clinic
    Provides confidential genetic counseling and assessment to patients with a family history of cancer, helping them understand if they may be at risk of developing a hereditary form of the disease. Genetic testing is available to eligible patients.
  • GeneHome Clinic
    Helps patients and referring physicians manage preventive screening and treatment for high-risk individuals carrying cancer gene mutations.
  • High-Risk Gastrointestinal Cancer Clinic
    Provides clinical surveillance for patients at increased risk for colon and other GI cancers, including patients with hereditary non-polyposis colorectal cancer (HNPCC).
  • Pancreas Interception Clinic
    This clinic is designed to educate, identify, and alter the course of individuals who are at risk of pancreatic cancer.
  • Smoking Cessation
    Provides help to people who wish to quit smoking. Individuals may be treated with a combination of counseling, pharmacological aids (such as nicotine replacement products) and other innovative approaches. Find more quit smoking and tobacco resources for healthcare providers.
  • Lung Cancer Early Detection Center
    Comprised of three coordinated clinics dedicated to saving lives by evaluating, detecting and managing patients for early lung cancer.

This level of specialization allows our teams to recommend the best screening and personalized prevention options for each patient. We offer a range of tests and scans, from low-dose CT scans and digital imaging scans with computer-aided detection (CAD), to bone density tests and genetic counseling. Blood tests and biopsies are all completed in our on-site lab by site-specific pathologists to ensure prompt and accurate reporting of results.

To refer a patient to Moffitt for a screening or prevention service, complete our online form or contact a physician liaison for assistance or support. We emphasize short referral times and can schedule most new patient appointments within a few days of receiving a referral.

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