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Moffitt Cancer Center is committed to the health and safety of our patients and families. In order to provide the best cancer care, we must first have a safe, caring and inclusive environment.

Our Patient Code of Conduct helps us to meet this goal. Behavior that is disrespectful, racist, discriminatory, hostile or harassing is not tolerated. Examples include:

  1. Offensive comments about race, religion, gender, sexual orientation or other personal traits
  2. Refusal to see a clinician or other staff member based on these personal traits
  3. Violence
  4. Sexual or vulgar words or actions
  5. Disruption to another patient’s care or experience

If we find that you have violated the code, we will discuss expectations with you. We will always consider your perspective before we make decisions about your care at Moffitt. Continued violations may lead to patients being asked to make other arrangements for their care.

If you are a target of any of these behaviors, please report it to your care team immediately.