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PARTNERS is the quarterly newsletter of the Patient and Family Advisory Program at Moffitt Cancer Center. Written by patients, caregivers and Moffitt experts, PARTNERS provides readers with personal testimonies, hospital updates and information about supportive resources. To keep the patient perspective at the heart of the newsletter, patient advisors serve on the PARTNERS editorial committee to share their unique perspectives and ensure a patient- and family-centered focus.

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PARTNERS summer 2024 cover

Summer 2024 Edition (PDF)

Always active and independent, Amy had no idea she would end up in the hospital facing a cancer diagnosis alone. During this dark time, she was able to find a sense of community and hope. In this edition of PARTNERS, you’ll learn how one woman’s annual mammogram saved her life. You’ll also learn about Moffitt’s rehabilitation services, LUNA’s work supporting Spanish-speaking patients in the community, new wellness classes available for survivors and more.

Spring 2024 PARTNERS cover

Spring 2024 Edition (PDF)

Ryan shares about his unlucky day when he was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia on Friday the 13th and how he coped with a cancer diagnosis at 32 years old. In this edition of PARTNERS, you’ll also read about the challenges young adults with cancer face and Moffitt programs that are here to help. You’ll learn about Moffitt’s Patient Experience podcast, genetic testing, sun safety and more.

PARTNERS Winter 2023 cover

Winter 2023 Edition (PDF)

Four decades ago, John DesRoches was 26 years old and in college when he first learned he had stage 4 non-Hodgkin lymphoma. In this edition of PARTNERS, you’ll also read about the benefits of chair yoga, why we’re training Moffitt team members on health equity, how interfaith chaplains are able to support you and more.

PARTNERS cover Fall 2023

Fall 2023 Edition (PDF)

Patti shares about her chance encounter with a young woman and taking part in her treatment journey. In this edition of PARTNERS, you’ll also read about how a young woman’s family pulled together and supported her when she was diagnosed with cancer at 28. You’ll learn about the importance of Advance Care Planning, Moffitt’s program for adolescents and young adults, tips for talking to your doctor about sexual health and more. 

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