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Researcher in laboratory

In the Where Are They Now series, we take a look into the life of our former research trainees. We follow their professional advancement into the world of research and delve into how they got to be where they are now.

This series shows how different every researcher's journey can be and what you can accomplish with persistence and determination. We hope our current trainees can gain something from these stories as well and discover multiple ways they can use the knowledge they obtained while training at Moffitt Cancer Center. 


Dr. Xie's Advice to Trainees: Be Comfortable Using AI Tools
Dr. Paraiso: Research Trainee to Project Scientist
HIP IMO Program Inspires Dr. Ramesh to Apply to Medical School
SPARK Fuels Passion for Biomedical Science
Former HIP IMO Trainee Fondly Recalls Summer in Dr. Enderling's Lab at Moffitt
Dr. Rebecca's Advice to Trainees: Take Advantage of Opportunities
Dr. Dreyer Credits the Skills Developed at Moffitt in Aiding Career Path
Dr. Nepon-Sixt's Advice to Trainees: Stay Open and Make an Effort to Discover Opportunities
Dr. Engel Stays on the Cutting Edge of Drug Discovery as a Scientific Liaison
Dr. Hopewell: Changing Directions Can Lead to the Right Path
'Don’t Give Up and Keep Working Towards Your Dreams and Goals'
Former Postdoc Fellow Dr. Araujo: 'We Each Hold a Piece of the Puzzle'
Experience in Moffitt's PhD Program Supports Doctor's Love of Teaching
Doctor Reflects On Mentorship He Received as Resident Student at Moffitt
'My Time at Moffitt Was Instrumental'
Research Scientist Reflects on Skills Honed In Moffitt LINK Program
'My Time as a Postdoc at Moffitt was Very Instrumental'
University Assistant Professor Recalls Career Development Opportunities at Moffitt
Dr. Gilkes Hopes to Emulate Her Mentors at Moffitt