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Are you interested in a career in cancer research? If you have completed your Ph.D. (or equivalent terminal degree in your field), then Postdoctoral Training at Moffitt Cancer Center may be for you. Find current postdoc job openings.

There are several federally-funded training grant programs at Moffitt. These formal programs are specifically designed to advance key fields in cancer research. Please check individual program descriptions for eligibility and application information.

In addition to the formal, advertised positions at Moffitt, many of our faculty are always looking to add promising young talent to their research teams. We encourage you to directly contact our faculty to ask about the possibility of joining their labs.

In order to help facilitate your search for postdoc opportunities, we also invite you to share your CV with us. Your CV will be made available to all Moffitt faculty, who can review it and contact you if they think you would be a good fit for their research team.

Why Choose Moffitt?

There are many reasons to choose Moffitt Cancer Center as the place for your postdoctoral training:

  • Moffitt is the only NCI Comprehensive Cancer Center based in the state of Florida.
  • Moffitt integrates excellent patient care with cutting-edge clinical and basic research. Having a cancer hospital on-site enables translational research that would be impossible at other research centers.
  • It is home to Florida’s largest cancer clinical research unit, with over 600 active interventional trials.
  • Moffitt directly employs over 150 faculty representing a diverse group of scientists and physicians, all dedicated to cancer research.
  • Moffitt Cancer Center is located within the coastal community of Tampa Bay, adjacent to the University of South Florida.

Additional Opportunities for Moffitt Postdoctoral Fellows:

Junior Scientist Research Partnership: The Junior Scientist Research Partnership is an exciting opportunity for Moffitt clinical fellows and postdoctoral fellows to team up to address a mutually intriguing research question. The purpose is to bring clinical fellows and postdoctoral fellows together to understand the challenges on both sides of the discipline and learn from each other. Selected projects receive $10,000 in funding for an 11-month term.

Miles for Moffitt Postdoc Award: Miles for Moffitt is an annual community run/walk fundraising event to support the innovative research being done by Moffitt faculty and postdoctoral fellows. The Miles for Moffitt Postdoc Award provides pilot funding for a one-year term and is open to postdoctoral fellows in any program area.

Research Instructor Designation: The Research Instructor Designation is a competitive career advancement opportunity for highly accomplished senior Postdoctoral Fellows and Research Scientists. Research Instructors receive 20% protected research/academic time to develop their own research direction and grant submissions. Additionally, Research Instructors may request a limited amount of research funds to support their work, receive additional mentoring from a selected committee, and are eligible for internal faculty career development funds.

It is the mission of the OPA to provide an environment where fellows from all over the world feel comfortable, understood, and involved, making their postdoctoral experience more personally and professionally gratifying. Please contact us at for more information.